Direct Transfer Errors Connecting to 15.8.3 with "must run GitLab version 14 or later"

I’m attempting to migrate from an omnibus installation to When I attempt to move the group by direct transfer, I get the error:
“Unable to connect to server: Unsupported GitLab version. Source instance must run GitLab version 14 or later.”

The omnibus installation’s help page lists it as “GitLab Community Edition 15.8.3”.

How can I get past this get my migration back on track? Thank you.

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I did get some guidance on this. It was suggested that it isn’t the version number but the edition that was incorrect. I’ll work toward retrying with EE instead of CE.

Migrating to EE did resolve my initial issue with direct transfer but I still ended up getting Group import failures. I’ve found that the Project transfer does work well from our site, though it will be a lot more clicking, that’s the approach we decided to work on.