Directory structure for omnibus-gitlab install doesn't exist

GitLab 7.9.2
GitLab Shell 2.6.0
GitLab API v3
Ruby 2.1.5p273
Rails 4.1.9

I installed gitlab omnibus, and recently our commit time has changed to UTC (I know it sounds impossible, but it wasn’t UTC before to the best of my knowledge, but now it is.)

When trying to change from UTC to America/Chicago time, I noticed /etc/gitlab doesn’t exist, and neither does /var/opt/gitlab. I found a few places that say I need to change gitlab.rb, or gitlab.yml, but neither exist…what’s going on? Where is my fundamental misunderstanding of how gitlab works.

This is what I’m trying to do.

After a reboot, the directory shows…must be a server issue. Sorry for the post.