Disable conflicts resolution from ui

Dear all,
One of our project hosted on an internal gitlab instance focuses on document writing. The workflow seems efficient enough, except for one thing : we do not want a user to merge the master into its own branch. Indeed the branches are each intended to host one document. Once the doc is validated, it is merged into master for further diffusion process.

If the user merges master into its branch, ALL the documents (coming from the other branches, which have been validated into master) will appear in it. Our users are not technically skilled enough to do such a thing. However, it is possible that a conflict raises sometimes - they are common files in the root folder, eg. gitlab-ci or gitignore -. In this case, gitlab has the new “resolve conflicts” feature, which is great, but which systematically merge master into the source branch.

Is it possible to simply disable the conflicts resolution tool from ui for specific projects ? (obviously, we want this feature enabled for our soft dev project :wink: )

Thanks a lot