Disable 'Feature Flags' feature

Hey all,

Is there a way that you can disable the ‘Feature Flags’ for each project?

It appears this was itself once controlled by a feature flag within GitLab, but is no longer listed on the available feature flags page.

I’m slightly concerned as on a self-hosted instance this could be a dangerous feature for developers to just start using as it potentially ties the site/application availability to the GitLab availability, so really need to restrict or disable this feature to stop people from using it.


I don’t use it, but after a quick google, maybe this helps: Enable and disable GitLab features deployed behind feature flags | GitLab

Thanks - Yeah I tried that one first - its not listed on the ‘available’ feature flags page:

It looks like it used :feature_flags_new_version previously but this has been removed now as its enabled by default:

irb(main):001:0> Feature.enabled?(:feature_flags_new_version)
=> false

The only options I seem to have is to implement some custom Nginx config to block access to the feature flags API to at least try and prevent developers from using it.

Thanks again.

Aha I think I’ve found one way to disable it in the repository settings:

Configure your project resources and monitor their health.

Turning this off seems to disable feature flags for the project, so looks like that might be the only option for now.

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