Disable merge request suggestions?

This happens to me over and over:

  1. I fork off a branch B.
  2. I do some work on B, I commit and push to the upstream branch on gitlab ie. origin/B.
  3. (Preferably) I locally do an interactive rebase of B on main, squashing to a single commit.
  4. (Preferably) I remember to force-push B to origin/B.
  5. Locally I switch to main branch and merge B.
  6. I push main to origin/main.

Now, every time I log into gitlab UI, there is a big fat message on the top “suggesting” that I create a merge request for B. But from my POV, it has already been merged! I just prefer doing [3] and [5] above locally on my computer with CLI tools that I’m comfortable with, rather than in the gitlab web UI. Is there a way for me to not see these messages?


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