Display the wiki home on a repository front/home page

Hi there,

i created an empty project inside my organization group just for using my organization’s wiki, so that those are clean & organised in one place.

I want to display the wiki created in the home/front page of project, something like this example. In the example shown, the wiki is been displayed in the home page of project (the place where we usually use readme and other files)

Ps: though we can access wiki in the left-sidebar of the project, i still want to try the other method.


Go to the project that you want to default to wiki, then go to Settings → General → Visibility, project features, permissions and expand this. Under repository turn the first option off “View and edit files in this project” which then means the repository will not be visible at all. Then save the settings. If you want you can also turn off issues, analytics, operations, snippets if you don’t want these options available either.

Once you do this, then wiki will be the default. It’s enough just to turn off repository for wiki to become the default, but the other options can also be disabled to stop people creating issues etc.

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i appreciate your time & help, thanks mate :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks, iwalker!

But, i just want to hide the README, not all the files.
Currently i have the README File either twice (in the files section) and as text or not.
On the top i want to see the files box (only file names) and below the first wiki page, like it is on GitHub.

ist that possible?