Do background migrations impact production use?

Sorry if this has been answered, but I can’t find a direct answer in docs or posts.

I’m taking our server from 13.9.2 to 14.8.1.

I need to do it after hours. When I step up through the upgrade path, if migrations are still completing by the next day, will developers be able to push changes to gitlab without negatively impacting the migration? Or does the data have to be left alone while it completes?

Thank you.

I personally have never seen migrations take that long, normally they are finished within minutes. In the docs where you saw the upgrade path, there is a section related to background migrations and you can check their progress either from the Admin panel under monitoring background migrations or via a gitlab command on the console, which will report back how many migrations are yet to complete.

Either way, if the migrations do take a long time, you can still continue to use the system. It would be a bit silly for a system to take days to complete migrations and not be able to use it. So I think you will be perfectly fine.


Our gitlab servers are VMs, so it gives me the additional safety net of snapshots.
I’ll begin the upgrades tonight and do it throughout the week, but I’ll be sure to check status after 5 or 10 minutes and maybe I can get multiple upgrades done in one evening which would be awesome.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I’ve managed upgrading from 12.9.3 to some 13.x version which was about 70-80 upgrades, at around 40 per day, so it’s possible. This was by upgrading every single point release rather than following the upgrade path since it wasn’t clear to me then how to figure out what to follow.

Since the upgrade path is considerably less, then you could do it easily enough in no time. A single upgrade, including the download of the package via apt/yum/dnf takes anywhere between 5 - 10 mins. Therefore, 5-6 upgrades per hour could be done easily enough providing the background migrations have finished relatively quickly.

Awesome. Thank again.