Do I need Gold subscription for gitlab-ci.yml created from auto devops?

Hello everyone,

I am using a private repository and I copied gitlab-ci.yml from auto devops template. Also copied required Jobs/Security folder in my repository root folder. Now my question is that will I still need to be on Gold plan of to use DAST/SAST/Container Scanning/Dependency Scanning jobs? I thought if I need auto devops then only I should be on Gold plan. But I am modifying it as per my needs and only need part of it. I checked the code of these files and couldn’t find anywhere the subscription check is happening but still my ci pipeline is not running these jobs. Only build/test/staging/production jobs are running.

How does gitlab identify the subscription plan if I copy the files to my code base.


Hey @ajaved, thanks for asking this question. DAST/SAST/Container Scanning/Dependency Scanning features are only available in Gold/Ultimate tiers.

Let me know if you need help upgrading your account! :slight_smile: