Do I need to pay for accounts that we solely use to get access to API?

We are a fairly small company with 2 developers and want to upgrade to silver. But we have created a user at GitLab, who’s sole purpose is to give as an access token so we can check the status of our merge requests (and similar) during our CI pipelines.
I don’t want to use my personal access token for this, because I also am involved in other companies and I can’t give away these credentials.
And as far as I can tell, there is no way to limit API access to a specific organisation or project.

So do we really have to pay 20$ / Month for an API access?

It’s not the same situation, but it’s related, and if I recall the discussion has some arguments for either side:

In short, I think the answer is that you will need to pay.

Mh… thanks, that’s bad news. And there is no other way to use the GitLab API to get information about a private repo in my CI runner right? We only need to fetch the merge requests and issues for the specific repo in question…