Do not raise a skipped pipeline when using Git Push Options or [skip ci] in the commit message

Hi everyone,

Some background information, I’m driving an IaC ecosystem composed of a set of pipelines that leverage Pipelines for Merge Requests capabilities and mappings of branch and environment names (development, staging, and production). This allows us to create deployment gates and perform a mix of CI jobs where an operator either approves or rejects manual terragrunt/terraform apply operations that will finally deploy infrastructure onto AWS. This is all good, the problem arises when the pipeline that contains the manual job (final apply) in the MR gets superseded by another skipped pipeline of an inoffensive commit that comes with either [ci skip] or git push -o ci.skip and landed in our default master branch or the source branch for the MR.

My question is basically, is there any fundamental way I can tell my GitLab appliance “do not even raise a skipped Pipeline and just move on when this specific case comes to the picture”? it’s not a big deal, but my operators are complaining as they get a lot of noise while being difficult for them to review and approve changes from the MR window tab on GitLab.

I believe this is not possible and the only way to mock around my corner case is by leveraging specific rules in the .gitlab-ci.yml file. For instance, by using a RegEx in the commit message that will not consider creating a new skipped pipeline.

Thanks in advance,
Marcos S.