Docker-compose CE & url

Hi everyone,

I post here because I have some troubles with Gitlab and the url. Here, I use Docker-compose and the latest CE version.
I want to match the url with the url defined in the clone window. Now, my url have the form, and the clone http So, every time I want to clone a repository I need to change the (named url) by … (here is not possible for me to give you the url with numbers, but the logic is the same). I am pretty new for this kind of stuff…

The perfect solution would be to change the number url adress by the one in the clone windows. First, I tried with https, but docker-compose and https seems to have some issue. I followed the method in the documentation ( AND I added a ssl certificat following this GitHub - danieleagle/gitlab-https-docker: GitLab Docker files to support self-hosted instance over HTTPS.. The access by name url was not working, but by the number url no problem … So I decided to check if “simple” http was working (more simple), result : same as https … Seems the external-url defined in the yml is ignored… I do not find a solution, after reading a lot of here, gitlab issue, stackoverflow ect.

So I decided to look at another way. It is dirty, but I would like to change the named url inside the clone windows by However, the named url seems to be equivalent to the external-url (read on several forums). But if I change the com by fr in the named url, nothing is changing, it is still com… I do not know where gitlab find the url…

I am pretty sure this both are linked, but I do not understand how, where. The best will be if you have a solution for the first, why not http in first time. But if you have an idea, every tracks I thank you for this :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading !


this question sounds interesting, maybe it can be used to configure the container’s external_url in a way that it is useful for you.

What I generally would advise is to prefer hostnames over IP addresses. Is there a specific reason for the changed https port 8929?



Thank you for the answer. I am working on a different subject and I do not check this one. I have found this and applied it with no success…
I also have replace the hostnames by a IP adresse, but same problem… And I replace the port because the 80 is used by another application