Docker image is failing to install

When I run:

docker pull gitlab/gitlab-ce

I’m getting:

Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from gitlab/gitlab-ce
bd97b43c27e3: Pull complete
6960dc1aba18: Pull complete
2b61829b0db5: Pull complete
1f88dc826b14: Pull complete
73b3859b1e43: Pull complete
ef3469a6c30f: Verifying Checksum
c7c75454b685: Download complete
2d16ad3dbd3c: Download complete
4141db0029ed: Download complete
de290b90a8f9: Download complete
3131417f632a: Download complete
filesystem layer verification failed for digest sha256:ef3469a6c30f28c09ed71bd7132c9babb5b8f53eccba9ff6cdbaa9370322a65b

I tried to reinstall docker and still getting this error. Any suggestions?