Docker upgrade from CE to EE

I just purchased an EE license and need advice on upgrading from CE. I’m currently running GitLab CE in a Docker swarm using the Docker image: gitlab/gitlab-ce:13.12.3-ce.0. In order upgrade to the newest EE version, the upgrade path suggests I have to perform the upgrade incrementally. So to upgrade to the newest EE version do I simply restart my Docker swarm five times using the following images in the order shown?

gitlab/gitlab-ce:13.12.3-ce.0 →
gitlab/gitlab-ee:13.12.3-ee.0 →
gitlab/gitlab-ee:13.12.15-ee.0 →
gitlab/gitlab-ee:14.0.12-ee.0 →
gitlab/gitlab-ee:14.1.8-ee.0 →

Hi @bcalder :wave: The upgrade path looks fine. Please note that waiting for all migrations to complete is necessary on each version step, see Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

Also, creating a backup before performing the upgrade is best :wink:

While still on 13.12, please use this backup docu: Back up and restore GitLab | GitLab

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