Documentation for Autodevops setup?


I’ve run a self hosted instance of GitLab for a while now. I’ve always kept it updated, but never really done more than hosted repositories and an issue management system.

The recent blog post reflecting on the 11.x versions show me that I’ve missed a ton of awesome features in the last year. I’d love to set up and configure my instance to be able to use many of these features.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that Googling for instructions on how to set up the CI/CD features for a self hosted instance almost impossible to find. Everything is assuming I’m using and is more an overview of how to set up the yml files in a repository. I need help setting up the actual infrastructure to support those yml files.

My applications are Python based. I’d love to be able to do linting, pytest and deployment to either a server or to PyPI. The gitlab server is running on Ubuntu 18.04.

Any help or pointers to documentation would be really really helpful.

Thank you!