Does an user exist on consuming 'user_create' system hook?

I’m experiencing a strange behaviour on consuming a system hook. When there’s an user_create event in the payload, I try to look up the user by id immediately (/api/v3/users/id).
Sometimes my http client returns 404 as if the user with this id does not exist already.

So the question is: Can I be sure that an user can be queried when the user_create event is received?

The user should definitely be created and available at this point. The user_create system hook is fired in the after_create callback of the User model.

Looking at the API endpoint, you may actually receive a 404 if you don’t have permission to read that user, rather than just a lookup using that ID not resolving to a user.

Could this be the reason? Does the user associated with your token have the necessary permissions to gather all user information?

Well this is most unlikely because a minute or so later I do the same call again and the user is returned as expected.
Yes, my token is an admin token and always the same token is used.