Does Duo Pro Subscription include all Duo features?

The announcement about GitLab Duo Pro pricing has been made today. On the link from the pricing page there is only a mention of Code Suggestions. Does the GitLab Duo Pro add-on include the other Duo features such as merge request summaries and suggested reviewers or is it limited purely to code suggestions?

Hi Colin, thanks for the question.

As detailed on the page you linked and blog post, GitLab Duo Pro includes:

  • Code Suggestions: AI-powered code completion and code generation
  • Privacy-first approach: Your code stays your code — GitLab does not use it for training or fine-tuning AI models
  • Organizational controls: GitLab Duo Pro enables organizations to have greater control over AI by limiting AI usage to approved users only

The other features you mentioned are not included in Duo Pro. Merge request summaries are an experimental feature and Suggested Reviewers are included in Ultimate.