Does gitlab support incompetence and censorship?

There was the critical issue at which was marked confidential by @markeharding (Mark Harding · GitLab)

More info at

Somebody delete the issue (#4563) · Issues · Minds / Minds Frontend · GitLab
Where are my 2500 minds which I have paid for Minds+ Life... | Minds

The only “confidential” info in this issue is that @markeharding does not know what is ACID transaction.

As far as I know the confidential flag is designed to protect the personal data of the client, but not in any way incompetence and censorship.

Does gitlab support incompetence and censorship?


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Groups and projects hosted on may decide by themselves whether an issue is confidential, or not.

Please reach out the maintainers of, they have a contact info on their website: Contact | Minds

Also, please clarify on these matters in private and refrain from name calling here. Kind reminder for our Community Code of Conduct..

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Please explain how does making the issue confidential (if there are no confidential info) correlates with “Gracefully accepting constructive criticism”

I can’t show you now that there was no “Trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, and personal or political attacks” in my comments.

I only want to solve the bug best way.


Thanks for your reply @theword3.

I am afraid that we can’t answer this because your question refers to a specific project hosted at the GitLab platform, not GitLab itself.
Meaning that only the maintainers of Minds can address your concerns.

Thank you