Does Gitlab support Kodi (repositories), I can not get it to work

Does Gitlab support Kodi (repositories), I can’t get it to work somehow for some reason.
I created a group and project: and it’s Public

BUT when I try to connect true Kodi I get this error: Could not Connect to Repository
I used Github before and with this I had no problems connecting (the same way), so I was wondering if Gitlab might block or struggle with Kodi connections perhaps?

You have to use an add-on for repository connecctions in Kodi (I use Kodi 17.3), this is the sourcecode:

I made a screenshot, if I copypaste the sourcecode the layout gets all weird ;-p

GitLab has blocked raw file access I read somewhere, is this still so?
Then I’m affraid this might be the problem in my case, not sure but seems plausible…

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