Does GitLab's Wiki addon have notification function?

GitLab now comes with an addon of Wiki, such as this Wiki. And a wiki is important for sharing knowledge and collaborating with the team.

So, I wonder if GitLab’s Wiki addon has a notification function.

Specifically, we have another kind of Wiki having a notification function. So that the manager can subscribe to a page or a space to get a notification upon every update, some managers use this function as automatic reporting:

  • Each employee updates a text file with a brief message about the day’s work
  • Wiki makes a daily diff on the text file and emails a notification
  • The manager subscribes to the folder containing all the employee files to get an automatic daily status summary

I wonder if Git solutions have something equivalent, or maybe more. And I appreciate your pointers.

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We’re also looking for instructions on how to configure notifications when a wiki page is updated.

Ideally I’d like to have the ability to sign up for notifications on a particular wiki page.

In our case, we have a lot of training material in the wiki. Tips and tricks, how to, etc. There’s a lot of material I don’t care about, but there is material I’d like to re-read whenever it gets updated with a new tip/trick.

I don’t want notifications for ANY page in the wiki, I want to be able to subscribe to notifications on specific pages.

How do we do this with GitLab Wikis?