Does omnibus get a certificate for mattermost?

Hi @MarcusCC! :wave:

I see you鈥檝e done some extensive troubleshooting and I appreciate your detailed posts. You鈥檙e correct on both accounts.

The documentation instructing you to place your own SSL certificate and key within the /etc/gitlab/ssl directory is only relevant if you wish to use your own custom certificate.

If you don鈥檛 want or need to provide your own certificate, you can use the Let鈥檚 Encrypt integration, and GitLab will attempt to obtain a Let鈥檚 Encrypt certificate for your Mattermost instance as well.

Mattermost officially supports any 64-bit x86 processor architecture. If/when Mattermost officially supports ARM, we have issues to discuss adding arm64 version of mattermost to GitLab here:

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