Does the GitLab Community Edition provide calendar and resource allocation features?

I need to know if GitLab Community Edition hosted by IBM Bluemix include these features:

  • Calendars (Project): the ability to define project level calendars with non-working days and working days.
  • Calendars (Individual): the ability to define individual calendars for each resource with non-working days, working days and working hours.
  • Resource Usage: the ability to display the resource allocation on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Resource Levelling: the ability to either manually or automatically level resource allocations and adjust the schedule based on resource availability and assignment.

Please, just as a kind reminder, any answer will be welcome.Thanks.

Only as a kind reminder any answer will be welcome.

@Queralt Project calendars are not built in to GitLab, but you should check out the discussion on a related issue about calendar integration in general:

For resource usage you can use the time tracking estimates and spends, but this feature is probably not as robust as your requirements would likely require:

I could see this being possible using an integration of GitLabs automated time tracking, the calendar feed, and something like Waka time currently.

This would be a good feature proposal for GitLab!