Domain has already been taken - the saga continues

So I did cut a tt to support to report an issue with the platform (SAAS .com) (a bug).
I got an answer about not attending requests from free tier users and address myself to the forums.
Here I am.

I really doubt anybody in here will have access to production or means to do anything, but well here is the body of the requested action:

I just released the custom domain from the project:
And I was willing to use it in the new project I just created:

Well, the error shows: “Domain has already been taken”
It seems is a well known issue in your UI and Database: Domain has already been taken - #8 by

Can you please fix it so I can use my domain in the new project?

I’m having the same issue trying to move my domain from one repository to a different one. :frowning:

Have you received any response on the solution for this?

Yes, write to support, they will send you an automatic response about not doing anything, but if you answer to that saying that you can’t do anything about the problem they will fix it.

Go as if you were gold plan user. They understand some issues, even in a free account are not solvable by users themselves.

Fast and neat, but the bot email needs rework in the wording.

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