Download artifacts by commitId instead of job?

This is my first post, so I hope I’m putting this in the appropriate place. If not, then sorry.

I run a job in the pipeline that produces an artifact.
Later, a client app wants to download that specific artifact (not necessarily the latest successful one). I see that it can be done via something like:
curl --output --header “PRIVATE-TOKEN:” "https://…/api/v4/projects//jobs//artifacts

However, the client app does not run in a pipeline. It’s a local app and doesn’t really have a way of getting the jobId. About the only things it prob has is: projectId, branch, commitId
Is there any way to retrieve the artifact based upon this? If not, how else might a local client app retrieve a specific artifact? (again not the latest successful). Is saw older articles that suggested that this is not possible, but I didn’t know if they were obsolete or incorrect

@meatgrinder It doesn’t look possible to grab an artifacts archive via the API using a commit ID, but you can do so using a branch or tag ref.