Download specified path file from Gitlab

Trying to download file from gitlab, please let me know any REST API which supports for this

See Gitlab API docs.

thanks for the suggestion @iwalker,
But in Gitlab API docs, there is no API which supports for Download of file.
It supports only “raw”

When you click the download button for a specific repository file, this is also download in raw. Same as API, so don’t really understand what you are talking about.

Trying to download “.xlsx” file,
I used following approach with “projects/:id/repository/files/:file_path/raw” API.

  1. run Above API.
  2. write it to a local file.
    But after this when i tried to open this file.
    The File is corrupted, not able to open.
    let me know where i am going wrong.

Hi @sanjeevbelagali,

can you please share the code snippets you are using to download the file? There might be a problem with the content type, or the way the file is downloaded. From reading the code, we may make direct suggestions.