Download Windows GitLab runner version 12.7 or 12.8

I’m looking to download an old GitLab runner for Windows and i couldn’t find it any where.
An old Linux RPM GitLab Runner file was pretty easy to find.

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You can construct it from the info on the page (but you are right, I don’t see direct links).

I was able to download it with:

curl -L -o runner.exe

As they say on GitLab Runner bleeding edge releases | GitLab you can fiond the tagged relases on Tags · / gitlab-runner · GitLab to make sure you have a valid tag

for the amd64 version, the link ends with another filename:

Also, on the tags page you can click a tag and get a list of the associated files per release, for instance: Releases · / gitlab-runner · GitLab

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Thanks for the super fast replay.

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