Duplicated labels


I am facing an issue with duplicated label on which I don’t seem to find much information.

When creating a board for a group or project, gitlab automatically generate 2 labels “To Do” and “Doing”

Somehow it seems to generate duplicate labels like in the following screenshot:

While I can understand the DB logic behind such a situation, there is no semantic logic and I would love to know if you have similar issue and what kind of workaround did you find?


I think probably your repo is inside a group, and you have a To Do label created in the group as well as a To Do label created in the project repo. Personally, I always default to using the group labels, so when I set up a new repo, or move one inside a group, I delete any of it’s project labels. That way, all my projects use the same set of labels for standard things like Kanban.



I agree, but somehow when you open a new board, it will be default create “To Do” and “Doing” locally in the project. Maybe you know if there is a way to disable that?

No, I’m afraid I just do it by hand, but this is on the SASS platform, perhaps if you run your own GitLab instance it is configurable?


Try following these tickets

there’s some improvements in train, possibly this next release. Others… who knows…