Editing databases with GitLab

I have a question concerning the interaction between SQL Developer and GitLab. I managed to create both a local and a remote repository and the interaction between the two of them works just fine. But once the development process is finished, I want to embed the newly adapted database piece to the original database and not just a repository file.
Is there any UI function in the SQL Developer or do I need to specifically code this in the .yml-file in GitLab and if so, how do I do that (what stage, what command?)…



can you show some bits of your code to better understand what you’re planning to achieve? Is that “adapted database piece” something like an SQL schema file you’d want to import into a running MySQL server during deployments?



yes…i would like to edit the code (let’s say a package) in GitLab and then import it into a database that is simultaneously running live.

I don’t really have a clue where to start.