Effect on Visibility and access controls setting when enabling Git Large File Storage (LFS) option

I am considering enabling LFS in an environment where visibility and access control settings are specified in the general settings of the Admin area.
Will enabling this option affect existing configurations?

Since we are simply changing the storage location to LFS, such controls are already in place in the original repository, so we don’t think there will be any impact, but we couldn’t find any such descriptions in the documentation.
Please let me know if you have any related information.

I referred to the following documents.

Git Large File Storage (LFS)

Project and group visibility

It seems that there is no relationship between these, but is there any information that can explain this?

Was self resolved.
Enabling this option does not seem to affect the project’s visibility settings.
When I actually enabled the LFS option in another verification environment, there was no change in the project’s public settings before and after enabling it.