Email is not from an allowed domain when trying to sign in with GitHub


when I go to register -> sign in with GitHub I get redirected to GH to allow authentication, but when I get redirected back to GitLab I get the following error message:

failed because Email is not from an allowed domain.

I am using a GMX e-mail account, I also have a hotmail account, but I’m trying to switch away from it. Is there any way I can create an account without having to worry about my e-mail?




i have exactly the same problem!
are they boycotting gmx??? wtf ??

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I was forced to register with a github account because my email is on I can understand blacklisting mailinator and such, but yandex? gmx? Unacceptable. Terrible first impression.

Hi there @tmtvl @reclamepoubelle & @Alestudying - I happened upon this thread today and wanted you all to know that I presented this feedback to the people at GitLab who should see it.

I definitely feel your frustration, and if I see an existing issue about this being a negative customer/user experience, I will share it here.

If there is anything else you need me to know, please reach out! I am here! :blush: Thanks for the candor.