Email notifications not sending all the time

Okay, so I’ve got the SMTP working fine. I’ve tested it fully, and can see the emails in my In and Sent boxes.

However, this only seems to be when I create a new Issue, and move it to/from the Closed list (I’ve only tested this using my own account, with “watch my own activity” checked).
I’ve got all settings to Global, Global set to Watch. I’ve not received any push notifications, nor updating and moving issues between lists, despite having the notify option checked on the issues.

Any ideas?

Am I supposed to get notifications when someone (myself included, if the option is checked) moves an issue between custom lists? What about when they update an issue.
Should a notification be sent to me when someone commits and pushes into the Repo?


See below screenshot from your user settings to see if changing the notification helps increase your notifications to include commits as well. I know with “participate” you don’t get for commits, I will only get issue notifications when I am involved in that particular issue.

So I expect you just need to set it to custom and choose which notifications from the list to get every single notification that you would like to see, or something else if you wish to receive the minimal amount of notifications! Custom doesn’t have a notification for commits, only for merge requests, merge pushes and some others.

Thanks for the info.

I had the Global set to Watch “you will receive notifications for any activity”, and TBH, that just seems to be exactly the same as Custom, with every option ticked.
As the admin and project manager, I’d like to see every update my employees do, such as changing an issue label (and post comments), so it’s easier for me to keep track of progress.

Is this even possible?

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As far as I know, unlikely since the custom option only shows each of the items that are possible for notifications. Maybe a request can be made for Gitlab to add such functionality.

That’s a real shame, because I really enjoy having an “all in one” system in place. Issues, ticketing system, repo. It’s just the lack of notifications which is a bummer.

I’ll see what the options are, maybe I can simply add a line of code myself, or if a request to Gitlab is worth it.

You could maybe try something with the Gitlab API and script it out to send you notifications. Perhaps using a combination of the created_at or updated_at date fields on issues, commits etc to then provide you with notifications. Eg: if created_at or updated_at in the last 24 hours if running a cron with this once per day to notify you and if greater than 24 hours to not notify as you would have received notifications for it.

I know, could be a huge amount of work depending on what you want to receive notifications for, but an idea nonetheless.

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That’s a great idea, thanks! It at least points me into the right direction :smiley:
By any chance, do you know it Gitlab supports plugins/addons/extensions? (I find the documentation to be rather difficult to navigate)

The only thing I can find quickly is under Admin Area → Settings → Integrations but not entirely sure if that is something you are looking for. Or System Hooks which you might be able to utilise linking with IFTTT for example.

Can’t find anything else.