Enable approval rules

I am trying to enable the approval rules feature. I am running a local gitlab server that I just upgraded to 12.0.3-ee. Per the documentation all I need to do is login to the rails console:
sudo gitlab-rails console
then run:


When I run this I get:

GitLab: 12.0.3-ee (1b1872f9d93)
GitLab Shell: 9.3.0
PostgreSQL: 10.7

Loading production environment (Rails 5.1.7)
irb(main):001:0> Feature.enable(:approval_rules)
=> nil

This does not look like a valid response and I do not see the settings: Settings > General and expand Merge request approvals .

Can anyone point me to what I am doing wrong? Thank you!

Hi @andy75 !

Sorry for any confusion, you’re not doing anything wrong. Versions 12.0 and later no longer require input on the rails console to enable this feature.

The reason why you’re not seeing the option for Merge request approvals is most likely because you’re using GitLab Core/Free, but this feature is only available in Starter/Bronze tiers or higher.

If you’re interested in this feature and access to official GitLab Support, you might consider upgrading to a Paid tier.