Encoded Query parameter Not Working In GET Merge Request API

Hi, Community
As I am working on GitLab integration with Jira, So basically in this Integration We need to find all merge requests in which the merge request title starts with the Jira issueKey+ space i.e. merge request started with “TEST-1 code review changes”
So, in which format do I have to make merge requests API(GET) calls?
As of now

  1. If I make an API call like => /api/v4/merge_requests?search=TEST-1 &in=title
    it does not work because of URL is broken
  2. if I make an API call like => /api/v4/merge_requests?search="TEST-1 "&in=title
    it gives a perfect result with Postman but in Java, we can not make API call with a query that contains double quotes. to make an API call we need to encode query parameters
  3. if I make an API call like =>/api/v4/merge_requests?search%3D%22TEST-1%20%22%26in%3Dtitle
    it gives all merge requests irrespective of search query parameters
    So, here my question is =>
    is encoded query parameters not supported in GitLab?
    or any other way to find merge requests with titles containing space