Encryped email


Does anyone have pointers on how to implement encrypted email using X.509 certificates for GitLab. I need to restrict possible proprietary information from being sent unencrypted. If I can’t do that, I have to disable the email features of GitLab which is a major loss in functionality.

To send an encrypted email, I would need to have the public key for each person receiving the message and use that to encrypt. The only way I can think of to implement this would be to have a mail proxy that would have a database of recipient certs and have GitLab send through that. I’m hoping someone has a known method or product to do this or (ideally) have it implemented in GitLab itself (e.g. Register the users public cert in their account info and have an option to only send email to those with a certificate. Email would then be encrypted and sent.).

Thanks for any help or suggestions.