Enter passphrase for /dev/fd/63:

I’m using gitlab.com with the provided runners and I’m seeing a problem in one of my projects and it doesn’t make sense to me.

I have a groupe: MyGroup with 2 projects: Project1 and Project2
In this group I have a variable MY_VAR
So, this variable is accessible to both projects

In both project I have the same CI which contains this line:

$ ssh-add <(echo "$MY_VAR")

In one project, it works fine. In the second, I get:

Enter passphrase for /dev/fd/63:

But the variable is the same, it has no passphrase…

I tried everything I found on the internet:

  • use rsa instead of ed25519,
  • use base64,
  • clear the cache of the runners…
  • Use a local variable instead of a group variable

I have no idea about what else I can try.

I fixed the issue by recreating the project with exactly the same code. Nothing differs… I don’t understand how it is possible, but clearly it shows that the stability of a project can be compromised to the point that you need to destroy it and recreate it…

Had this problem and it turned out the SSH key was in a protected variable but the branch being checked out wasn’t protected so the variable was just empty. Protecting the branch made the variable accessible and it then worked.