Environment auto_stop_in Bug?

Why is my environment auto stopping before the auto_stop_in time has passed?

My environment auto_stop_in is set to 90 minutes, but the environment stopped before 90 minutes. The attached screen shot shows the environment should stop at 12:40pm PST. The time in the screen shot is 11:23am PST and the environment is already stopped. Is this a bug?

Gitlab version: GitLab Enterprise Edition 13.6.0-pre 58edbd1d9e1

Here is the environment snippet from the .gitlab-ci.yml

name: review/app
on_stop: deregister
auto_stop_in: 90 minutes

Not a bug. The issue was caused by the deregister job rules.

this rule

    when: on_success

was changed to

    when: manual
    allow_failure: true