"Environments" menu not shown. Error shown on CI/CD Settings


we have migrated from a self hosted gitlab installation to gitlab.com (free tier).
Unfortunately, while I was starting to setup our environments for multiple projects based on Environments and deployments | GitLab, I’m unable to see the menu on the left-side (Deployments → Environments) image
and deep links from migrated projects to the potential new environment url (e.g. https://gitlab.com/group/subgroup/project/-/environments/123456) are returning 404s. Removing parts of the urls are also returning 404s (e.g. https://gitlab.com/group/subgroup/project/-/environments/).

Additionaly, when visiting “Settings → CI/CD”, an error is shown. image

As far as I can tell we have all features enabled and we have sufficient rights (admin/maintainer). My colleagues are face the same problem.

Is there something we are missing?


Okay we found the problem.
The project feature for “Operations” was disabled.