Error 422, I can't login to my account

This is what I’m getting everytime I want to log in to my account, I’ve tried without GitHub, only my email and password, same error. I need to work tho :frowning:, I got this problem only since this morning, all worked fine yesterday.

EDIT: I’m now getting a error from probably the API GitLab use to connect GitHub accounts:

2nd EDIT: So GitHub have some problems o.o, how can we just transfer our account to GitLab seriously :frowning:

This Screenshot is from, so I think their website have some problems.

Thank you for any future answers :wink:


I believe Github may be having some issues at the moment. You’ll have to wait for the issue to be resolved on their end (I assume you are logging in with a github username?).

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That’s the case. I really need to look how to merge my GitHub account to GitLab very soon. I need to work on my big project today, so I really wish that GitHub solve this problem very soon.
GitHub :roll_eyes: