Error in Scone playground demo

We have installed the scone vm using the documentation “scone playground in azure”. We are trying to run the “Secure Multi-Stakeholder Machine Learning”. As per the documentation given (SCONE Playground on Azure - SCONE Confidential Computing), we run the ./ for the multistakeholder ML workflow by going to same directory as given in docs but got the following errors:-

  1. Error 1:Failed during session preparation
    Caused by: Parsing session from session template file ‘./trainingowner/templates/2_Training.yml’ failed
    Caused by: services[0]:’’ is not a valid hexadecimal string: Expected input of 32 bytes (64 characters), found 0 bytes (0 characters) at line 14 column

  2. Error2: Configuration error: Failed to retrieve service attestation configuration
    Caused by: Session or service not found
    [Scone |ERROR] tools/starter/signal.c:55:die_by_signal(): Enclave terminated due to signal: Aborted

  3. Error3 : could not initialize enclave state: Attestation failed
    Caused by: CAS sent an attestation / configuration error: Failed to retrieve service attestation configuration
    Caused by:Session or service no found

Not sure what this has to do with gitlab. If you cannot install/configure Scone, then you should be contacting Scone for support.