Error: refs/keep-around/*long number/character string* does not point to a valid object!

Hello, new to Git in general so thanks in advance for your patience!

Using a self-hosted server. After creating a new branch from master using the website at the local IP address for an issue , I ran git fetch intending to switch to that branch and get to work. I was greeted with the following error:
error: refs/keep-around/6140333099caa1bc63d35c69b216c93683058cad does not point to a valid object!
If I cd into the .git/refs directory I don’t see a keep-around directory. The error occurs any time I run a command it seems, but does not stop the command from completing. Still, I’m left worried that something is wrong with the repo so I’d like to resolve it if possible.

A bit of googling has gotten me nowhere, so any assistance in resolving this would be appreciated. Thank you!

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