Error saving user: ["Notification email is not an email you own"]


I’m trying to configure LDAP access but i can’t find a solution to my problem.

It’s a new 8.5.1 GitLab installations without any registered user.
Actually i have an LDAP server where few times email address exist, otherwise it’s missing.

So there are 2 cases :

  1. address mail exist on LDAP server :
    OK, my user can create an account based on his ldap informations

  2. address mail is missing on LDAP server :
    NOK, on my interface i have this error message :
    Could not authenticate you from Ldapmain because “Undefined method `provider’ for nil:nilclass”.in Application.log :(LDAP) Error saving user: [“Notification email is not an email you own”]

I have made some research on existing issue and i found this :
Issue #3054 related to this merge request !2502. But i can’t figure out implementing this feature on my configuration.

Can you help me please ?