Error trying to install GitLab CE using Docker Compose


  • Self-managed
  • Ubuntu 22.04 lxc on Proxmox
  • Docker version 24.0.0
  • docker-compose version 1.29.2

I’m getting the following error each time I try to install GitLab CE using the docker-compose.yml file down below:
- “ERROR: failed to register layer: unlinkat /etc/update-motd.d: invalid argument”

Seems to occur while extracting “ce754849ccc4”:
ce754849ccc4: Extracting [==================================================>]
135B/135B: Download complete

Based on what I see at the link below, I wonder if it could be related to this command in the script(s):

  • “13 /bin/sh -c rm -rf /etc/update-motd.d 135 B”
  • Docker

Docker Compose file:

version: “3.6”
image: gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest
container_name: gitlab
restart: unless-stopped
hostname: FQDN
external_url https://FQDN
# Add any other gitlab.rb configuration here, each on its own line
- 80:80
- 443:443
- 22:22
- /home/[user]/docker/gitlab/config:/etc/gitlab
- /home/[user]/docker/gitlab/logs:/var/log/gitlab
- /home/[user]/docker/gitlab/data:/var/opt/gitlab
shm_size: 256m


I’m currently facing the same issue.

Were you able to fix it?
If yes, how?


After struggling with this issue for some time, I fixed it by changing the docker storage type to VFS.

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Thank you Surreal! Really appreciate you posting this solution :grinning:

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fixed my problem with proxmox zfs vm to run dockers. tnx bro