Error: UPGRADE FAILED: "staging" has no deployed releases

Ok so I’ve had an interesting day. Installed AutoDevops around 5 months ago with RBAC before it was truly supported; before cert-manager; before project clusters etc.

My cluster was created on a project that got archived and since then had a bunch of issues with it displaying in the panel but it generally worked.

Earlier I accidentally killed the nginx ingress and wasn’t able to use the panel to recreate it. Couldn’t even recreate the cluster in any way so I just created a new one and started from scratch.

Now for some reason I’m getting the above error on my api project although my www project deploys fine to both staging and production:

Error: UPGRADE FAILED: "staging" has no deployed releases

Googled around a bit and seeing some references to helm --purge but I’m not even sure how I can connect to my cluster’s helm since it seems to be managed along with the keys etc by Gitlab.

Anyone have any idea or perhaps how to connect to the Gitlab deployed helm?

Potentially related:

I’ve added --force flag to my helm deployments to at least get it to work