Evaluate failures and errors in junit tests for maven option --fail-never

We use the option --fail-never in order to run all junit tests independent if they are skipped (by @Ignore or @Disabled) or failed.
We defined two stages in our .gitlab-ci.yml. One for mvn compile and one for running the junit tests with eval mvn deploy. After running a pipeline job we see that both stages are always green independent whether there are errors in tests or not.

If we click into the test stage we see the correct number of errors and failures.
Is there a possibility to show the colour orange/red for the test stage with fail-never?

If we try the option --fail-at-end for test stage then we have the problems with skipped tests.
Test with @Ignore or @Disable are counted as skipped tests and depended tests are skipped, too.
Another problem is that the colour gets red or orange (for allow_failure = true) even if there are
only skipped tests.
Thank you very much for your help.