Export Gitlab 10.x to Import to 13.x?

A client of mine has finally gotten out of their butt and decided to go with a new Gitlab server. However, being ignorant, they installed fresh as they were using the standalone Omnibus packages from the 10.x series.

With them on a 13.x series system, they want to do an export of data from the 10.x series system and import that data (repos, issues, etc.) into the 13.x “new” system.

Is there an easy way to do this without clobbering the new projects they’ve already started deploying on the 13.x system?

Exporting can (only?) be done on a project by project basis. In that case avoiding clobbering is simply a matter of not importing anything with a name that already exists.

If what you’re taking about is making a backup of the old server and restoring it to new, the answering is the restoring is only supported on the exact same version as the backup was made on. If you find a way around that, it will clobber existing data.

Makes sense. Client asked if there was a way to do a full export of everything, but I’ll just tell them to do it on a project by project basis.

Thank you!