Export import project - members missing?

Gitlab version: 14.4.2 CE, on premise
Our Gitlab instance is connected to our local Active Directory and our Gitlab users are all Active Directory users.

When I export a project from our on prem instance and import the project to the same on prem instance (obviously under another project name), the original project members aren’t imported into the new project. This means that for example open issues are mapped to the person that imported the project and have a text reference to the original user: “[…] user (imported from GitLab)”. Adding the original users manually after the projected is imported doesn’t fix the issue.

I’m trying to find out if I can fix this or if this is a limitation on Gitlab itself. I’ve looked at documentation on: Project import/export | GitLab
and I’ve made sure all users are at least maintainer or admin on the original project. I’ve also set public email of the users from ‘Do not show on profile’ to the mail adres itself but none of these options make a difference and the original users still aren’t present in the cloned project. (Note: the Email field is already filled in automatically by AD property.)

In the documentation, I’ve also read “Additionally, the user must be an existing member of the namespace, or the user can be added as a member of the project for contributions to be mapped. Otherwise, a supplementary comment is left to mention that the original author and the MRs, notes, or issues are owned by the importer.” but I’m not sure how to interpret this. I can’t make a new project first, add members and after that import. I have to import first.

Does anyone know how I can import the users from the original project too? Or is this impossible in my scenario?

@gitlab-greg Can you please move this topic to system administration (System Administration - GitLab Forum) I don’t think this is the right place. Thanks.

You got it!