Export TFS WorkItems to Issues


Currently, we use TFS and we wish to migrate to GitLab (in self-managed).

The migration of git repository was finally successfully.

But now, I searched a tool to export all TFS WorkItems to Issue GitLab but I find nothing :confused:

I know that the structure of WorkItem and Issue are different but isn’t it possible to:

  • automaticly create labels from WorkItems properties (priority, platform,etc…) in the GitLab project
  • convert WorkItem (title + description) to Issue
  • insert it in the GitLab project (and keeping his identifier)
  • tag Issue with corresponding labels, from WorkItem properties/informations
  • and upload images as attachements files on Issue.
    How I can proceed to achieve this full migration?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers (or ideas) :slight_smile: