External integrations disconnecting very frequently


We have a problem with our two external integrations - one for CI/CD and for time tracking. Both have been working fine until a few weeks ago, when the CI/CD integration stopped notifying GitLab of the Jobs it has performed. The time tracking integration started sending a few emails daily that “GitLab failed to authenticate” prompting me to reauthenticate the integration, which helped for a few hours. The same case was with the CI/CD integration - reauthenticating it to GitLab helped for a few hours as well. However, currently even reauthenticating does not seem to solve the problem and the CI/CD integration does not report builds at all.

An event that was correlated in time with the integrations stopping to work was that we exhausted our CI/CD minutes’ limit in may, although some additional minutes were purchased. I was hoping that with the new billing period in June the problems would disappear, but that’s not the case.

Both integrations are configured through my GitLab account on which 2-factor authentication is enabled for a long time and both are displayed as authorised on https://gitlab.com/-/profile/applications with Scope=“api”. I tried contacting supports of each of the integrations but they could not help me.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to solve this problem.