Fail to upgrade 14.0.11 to 14.1.7 to do migration failure on RenameServicesToIntegrations


I’m having an issue while trying to upgrade gitlab community. Initially I have 14.0.1 and apt tried to upgrade to 14.4.0 and failed, restored it and then tried to upgrade one by one.

Currently I’m stuck at 14.0.11 due to failing upgrading to 14.1.7 on RenameServicesToIntegrations migrations.

Trace of the error: stdin

Before running the upgrade I did check in psql and I do not have any table called integrations.

Actually i fixed by issue, it seems that I have a sequence called integrations_id_seq in psql due to failed upgrade to 14.4.0. after delete the upgrade went smooth


I have the exact same issue, can you walk me through the solution ? Did you understand what happened ?