Failing Repocheck

Some people already reported it, but I did not find working solution, I have 2 repos failing the repo check.
Gitlab housekeeping does not work.

  • Gitlab 15.5.3-ee Same repos were failing in 15.4.2 prior to upgrade
  • repocheck.log:

E, [2022-11-14T17:06:15.967154 #8304] ERROR – : bi/ETL: Could not fsck repository: error: Could not read 98bb4a18ad6b55bce0cb931ccfffab8930e59f17
failed to parse commit 98bb4a18ad6b55bce0cb931ccfffab8930e59f17 from object database for commit-graph
error: Could not read c996c323332b142bb868f8a1a5ea8033307a553c
failed to parse commit c996c323332b142bb868f8a1a5ea8033307a553c from object database for commit-graph

What is the official way to fix this?
This error: Could not read from object database for commit-graph (#2359) · Issues · / gitaly · GitLab did not work.

Kind regards

This post should work: Repocheck dangling commit - #6 by dnsmichi I’ve used this myself.