Files are not listing on specific repositories post upgrade

We have upgraded gitlab-ce to 15.8.0 and OS to Ubuntu Server 22.04 recently.

Post upgrade, on some repositories only, we are not seeing the files list. Loading indicator keeps spinning continuously. Other repositories work fine .We have reconfigured the gitlab configuration and backup has been sanitized as well. Still the issue of file listing on some repositories persists.

It will be really helpful, if someone can guide on troubleshooting this.

Sounds the same as this problem: Last commit and Last update stuck at "loading" most likely as the poster there posts, for repos which have a directory listing longer than approx 20 files.

I would try:

  1. Clear redis cache:
gitlab-rake cache:clear
  1. Think about upgrade to Postgres 13 for better DB performance.

I use 15.8.1 with Postgres 13 instead of 12 - manually upgraded - automatic upgrade will probably happen in Gitlab 16. I don’t have these issues that you or the other poster are experiencing.

I upgraded gitlab to 15.8.1 and Postgres to 13.8 separately. Still the loading indicator persists.

Can you check in private browsing tab/incognito mode? Did you try clearing the cache from point 1?

Same issue in private/incognito mode as well. Cache has been cleared already.